King Lear


King Lear

Bring your daughters (if you dare!) to see the acclaimed “King Lear” at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier and stay at the nearby and affordable Best Western Plus Chicago Hotel at Hillside!

“King Lear” is one of the greatest of Shakespeare plays and is a touchstone for actors, along with “Macbeth,” “Richard III,” “Hamlet” and “Othello.” An aging king tests his three daughters regarding their love for him, the very act demonstrating that he is losing his mental faculties. The virtuous daughter refuses to play the game and is cast out. It gets far worse from there.

Shakespeare first and foremost, was the master of human psychology. His plays examine human archetypes in the guise of royalty, but they universally serve as a mirror to human dilemma. In “King Lear,” we see the vanity and decay of old age, as a wise ruler and father, intent on preserving his legacy, unwisely divides his kingdom, to disastrous results.

“… a colossal “Lear” whose sheer visceral impact is unrivaled. Watching it is like staring down a typhoon.” The Wall Street Journal.

The Chicago Shakespeare Theater is located on Navy Pier at 800 East Grand Avenue. “King Lear” runs through November 9. For tickets and more information call (312) 595-5600.

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