Chicago Hotel Blogs about the Zoo


Chicago Hotel Blogs about the Zoo

As Chicago hotel blogs go I don’t expect to spend to much time talking about our hotel but more about whats happening around us! Some Chicago Hotel Blogs talk about the different hotels here. In most cases a hotel is not why most travelers are coming to Chicago. They come for the attractions, what they can see and do while there here. So this Chicago Hotel Blog thinks its time to talk about one of Chicago’s greatest attractions the Brookfield Zoo!


Having a hotel thats just 10 minutes from the Zoo’s doorstep is of great advantage to our guests. In fact we offer great packages encompassing alot of activities at the zoo.


Since 1934 The Chicago Zooogical Society has operated the Brookfield Zoo and the Zoo has been a leader in the education of the public on animal care and conservation.
The Zoo offers some exciting attractions such as the dolphin show, the childrens zoo, The Motor Safari, The Butterfly Exhibit with live butterflies, or even go for a “Wild Encounter” where you go behind the scenes to see how the animals are taken care of, how their fed and learn in depth about different species. No other zoo in the Midwest has such programs or offers the excitment that Brookfield Zoo has to offer!


Here’s a link to there site to give you a better idea of whats there but if you at our front desk ask our drivers to give you a ride to the zoo they will be glad to take you!