Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo : Hotel Near the Brookfield Zoo


Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo : Hotel Near the Brookfield Zoo

Each year thousands of people from around the world visit Chicago for countless different reasons. From business to leisure The Windy City has it all and, no matter the reason you are in town, there is always room to fit in a little fun along the way. You can easily squeeze any number of these things in while staying at the Chicago Hillside Hotel. But, you would be remiss to not include a trip to the zoo– especially seeing Brookfield Zoo. With a wide array of animals and attractions for all ages, the Brookfield Zoo is a great place to spend a Chicago afternoon, whether you are on a business trip or family vacation.

Zoo Family Play Programs

If you happen to be in town with your family don’t miss the chance to take your young ones to participate in the Brookfield Zoo’s Family Play Programs. Aimed at connecting children and families to nature. These programs are a great way to bolster creativity and independent thought while fostering a love for the environment at an early age in the most fun way possible!

Backstage Adventures

If simply viewing animals isn’t enough, consider signing up for one of the zoo’s Backstage Adventure programs. These programs allow you to work with zookeepers as they go about caring for the animals, and you have the chance to pick which you want to work with. Whether you want to work with penguins, dolphins, birds, reptiles or mammals, the professionals at the Brookfield Zoo are eager to show you a day in the life!

Special Events

The Brookfield Zoo is a fun and engaging place to visit every day of the year. The Zoo’s special events are what make this destination even more exciting.  While you are staying at the Chicago Hillside Hotel near the Brookfield Zoo, be sure to check what is on their calendar. The zoo doesl rotating animal exhibits and learning centers, fun runs, conservation award ceremonies, special holiday celebrations, and fundraisers. If there is anything that lines up with your stay, you should make it a point to stop by. The zoo itself won’t disappoint, and the excitement around whichever special event is taking place will only add to the fun.

There are countless ways to spend an afternoon in Chicago. While you likely did not come to town specifically for the Brookfield Zoo, consider this a pleasant surprise. If you have an afternoon to spare while staying at the Chicago Hillside Hotel, consider visiting the zoo. A day at this Chicago staple is just one more way to enhance your stay in The Windy City.